Blockchains and Ethereum
We give talks and organise workshops about blockchain technology, Ethereum and Bitcoins and  and we consult companies who want to incorporate Cryto-Tech in their business. Contact us for more details.

Easy starting point
We provide a  low-threshold service for Ethereum – investments ->

We teach the handling of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) and the data-postproduction. Tony Caradonna, one of the company owners is also teaching at the University of applied Science in Chur (Switzerland).

We transfer dronebased-data in 3D environments for games, 3d-apps, virtual reality and augmented reality. -> more details

we work on men-machine-interfaces for UAVs und applications for games, art-projects and shows.

3D-mapping, aerial photography & film
here an example of a low-res fast-mapping animation. For a high-resolution mapping please contact us.

and here an example of a low-res test object without CGPs and no postproduction editing