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drones & innovation – good bye wild west


We have been teaching companies, coached private pilots and were teaching drone-handling and talking about drones at Universities. Lately we were in the field with a research – project and had some follow-up with medias and communication agencies. Here are conclusions from connecting innovation-theory and drone technology as well as the talks that day.

-the drone – product innovation phase is coming to an end. I guess looking at 3DR we can see indicators of that. As a consequence, we will only will see global players producing hardware in the future and we will see small companies disappear.

-the fluid phase of the innovation process is coming to an end and we enter a transitional phase where innovation is mainly taking place in as process innovation.

-we are possibly reaching the peak of inflated expectations about now. This means there will be soon a valley of tears and visibility could diminish.

-many viral drone projects were shear marketing stunts. That is my point of view. The drone was used to create an innovation-halo. But as long as there is no strong regulatory clarity big players are holding back creating real-world applications and services. I see a lot of vaporware.

-However I also do see that there will be regulatory clarity soon. So most probably the wild west will be over soonish. Innovators and early adopters are now joined by early majority and they all join on a consumer level that is provided by a few global companies. Mainly on the hardware level.

-I see possibilities for small companies in market – niches and in creating case-specific software. I hope there will be reliable open-source hardware available for the next few years to allow the creation of new innovation-projects that most probably will not be vertical and/or disruptive anymore.

-I still have some ideas to connect drones with other innovative technologies, maybe some of the things i said above can be changed.

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