blockchain services

Blockchain, Ethereum and Bitcoins
We give talks about blockchain technology Bitcoins and Ethereum and we consult companies who want to incorporate Cryto-Tech in their business. Contact us for more details.

Easy starting point
We provide a  low-threshold service for Ethereum – investments ->

private und public blockchains
We are working with Ethereum and a open-source private blockchain. We develop and realize since March 2016. Two of our project are planned to go live in Q3 2017.

  • decentralized apps (DAPPs)
  • blockchain tokens
  • physical prototypes for the internet of things
  • a private proof-of-existence blockchain
  • support and consult for adopting ethereum technologies (mining, trading and applications)

and we help others coaching, consulting and teaching companies and individuals. Contact us for details or a portofolio.